Now THIS is a live show

Ummmmmmmm, will the Miley Cyrus’, the Justin Biebers, the Ariana Grandes, the  Taylor Swifts, the Bruno Mars’, and the Nicki Minajs take note, because THIS is what a live show is supposed to look and sound like.  Rammstein at Madison Square Garden.  Till Lindemann is actually signing, he’s not relying on autotune or a backing track.  He looks……..well he wears those tight pants because he KNOWS his thighs look great, OK.  He’s wearing huge wings to perform a song called engel (that means Angel, for those of you who don’t know, or can’t get Google translate to work for you) but because he’s Till Lindemann, his wings are on fire, which goes nicely with the song, because it’s about how he’s NOT an angel.  There’s no lip synching, no auto tune, no choreographed dance break in the middle of the song, no “ladies and gentlemen, introducing my special guest [insert name of some douchebag]”, , and no “two turn tables and a microphone” it’s a guy singing and some other guys playing instruments, and, oh yeah, they happen to have stage presence.  The only fklashy trick used is the pyrotechnics, and I’d rather see that than see 20 minutes of dancers just aimlessly filling up the space.

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