30 Days of Submission/Being Little

Day 10: Does any element of BDSM occur as part of your submissive relationship?  How do you feel about BDSM?  Is it core to your submission, peripheral, or non-existent (other than the submission part)?

I want…no I NEED BDSM to be a big part of my next relationship.  And I don’t just mean sexy, playful apsnkings, although I never say no to a sexy, playful spanking.  I want to be led ’round on a leash (not on all fours, I’m not a puppy or a kitty). I want a Daddy who tells me I HAVE TO be kneeling, naked when he comes home from work or every night at bedtime.  I want to perfect the “submissive poses” and have a Daddy who picks my outfits, sets rules about how I have to drink enough water, how I can’t eat too much dessert/junk food/how I have to tell him when I think negatively about myself.

I also am very interested in rope play.  I’ve never been with a true rope Master.  Yeah, lots of guys can manage to tie me to the bed, but I’d LOVE to sit for shibari, that beautiful, intricate rope work.

Also, (and this may not be for everyone) I like peeing…not diapers, but a Daddy who makes sure I go to the bathroom, who watches me when I pee, who maybe lets me sit on his lap while I pee.

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