30 Days of Submission/Being Little

Day 9: Do you accept structure, rules, and limits as part of your submission?  How do you feel about them?

I accept structure, rules, and limits, absolutely.  I also expect that a Dom (Daddy Dom, Sir, Master, or otherwise) will respect MY own hard limits.

My hard limits are as follows:

-absolutely no play with any persons under the age of 18

-no needle/knife/fire/gun play

-no scat/brown showers

-no unsafe/risky sex (this means if we are NON-monogamous, condoms and dental dams are part of our sex practices)

-no tying me to the bed and then bringing in a line of your friends to fuck me while I can’t consent/leave if I don’t want to

I’m single now, but in my next relationship, I want someone who respects my hard limits.  In my last relationship, my so-called Daddy Dom violated that last one on the list, and more than once.

As for rules, I LIKE rules.  This is the part where the so-called feminists lose their shit because they “don’t need a man” telling them what to do, but fuck them, I don’t need THEM telling ME what to do.  I like when the man I lay with picks out my outfits, orders for me when we go out to eat, tells me when I can and can’t be on my phone or how much TV I can look at (and/or WHAT KIND of things I can look at on TV).  I like when the man I lay with tells me I can’t go out late at night (because that means he genuinely cares for my safety), or when he insists that I always wear a seat belt in the car, or that I not overdo it with the desserts because too much sugar is unhealthy, or when he wants to watch me pee/asks me if I have to pee while we’re out somewhere/makes sure I drink enough water.  All of that means he cares about me.

5 thoughts on “30 Days of Submission/Being Little

  1. I was with a Dom who did not respect my hard limits. I’m sorry that happened to you.
    I really appreciate you sharing these posts with us. It had made me think about things in my own life. After my last relationship ended, I sat down and wrote out what I wanted and needed from my next relationship. I also did some work on my self worth. I’m still in progress but found the process so beneficial for me
    Best wishes for now and the future for you.


  2. Wow. The fact that your ex violated that last rule sounds really horrible. I’m so sorry that that happened to you. What a scumbag. That’s really scary that these types of people are out there posing as doms.
    I don’t think that feminism and being a rule-abiding submissive woman have to be at odds. As a feminist, I think that the fact that you have chosen your own rules and limits, know what you want out of a relationship, communicate those desires, and actually take part in designing what the D/s relationship dynamic will be like is really great. I don’t enjoy rules in a relationship myself, but I do love regular s/m rape role play, which a lot of other feminists cannot understand. Sexuality doesn’t always fit into the mainstream feminist paradigm. I appreciate your experience and perspective.

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    1. I get rape play…people don’t know how or why I get it (my maternal grandfather raped me when I was 10), there are people who say I’m a bad rape survivor for understanding rape play…but rape play between two (or more) consenting adults is just that, PLAY. My ex saying “we’re going to fuck” and tying me up, then ushering in a slew of other men I haven’t consented to, isn’t rape play, it’s him abusing whatever trust I had in him.

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