30 Days of Submission/Being Little

Day 7: Do you accept and/or expect discipline or punishment as part of your submission?  How do you feel about it?

Well I expect to be rewarded when I’m a good girl, so by the same token, YEAH, I expect to be punished for being a bad girl.  Punishment can be anything from corner time to writing lines to getting a red bottom, so long as no hard limits are violated, and nobody punishes in anger.

As a single/unowned submissive, I have the very difficult task of disciplining myself.  Not because I enjoy it, but because I NEED IT.  If I want to be my best self for a potential Daddy if and when I meet him, I have to be always working on myself.  I’ve self-spanked (with either a slipper or the hairbrush) for things like speaking or thinking negatively about myself; I’ve placed a clothes pin on my tongue for saying swear words and/or talking excessively (not that I’m cured of either bad habit, in fact, I kind of enjoy the clothes pin on the tongue); I’ve sentenced myself to corner time when I need to quiet my mind…generally punishments that a (good) Daddy would also impose, for my own betterment.

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