We Have to Talk About Oregon

I don’t want to talk about Oregon, Oregon is clear on the other side of the country from where I sit.  But it needs to be talked about, because what happened is some maniac armed himself to the teeth, then he went and shot up a college.  The college campus he went to and shot up happens to be a gun free zone (as in if I were to go there with my pearl-handled Derringer in my handbag, I wouldn’t be permitted onto the campus, I’d either have to leave my gun off-campus or just accept that I can’t go on campus with the firearm) but the fact that it’s a gun free zone didn’t stop this guy from showing up with four guns to turn the place into his own personal shooting gallery.

It happened in Oregon this time, but I’m old enough to remember when two kids in trench coats shot up their high school in Columbine.  And I think we ALL remember Sandy Hook, what happened there.

Every time one of these school shootings happens (and I’m not condoning ANY of these school shootings) everybody comes out screaming for “gun control”.  That’s what we need, more and stricter gun laws, they shout.  Thing is, we have in the US, some tough, strict gun laws.  And law-abiding citizens follow those laws the same as we follow all the other laws.  But criminals, people who break and/or shit all over the law, well, they don’t follow or abide by the existing gun laws.  Which is why we have drug dealers and members of organized crime syndicates shooting each other with guns that have serial numbers filed off (so they can’t be traced back to any gun shop).

The two kids in trench coats who shot up their high school in Columbine got their guns from their own homes.  Their parents were law-abiding, responsible gun owners who were permitted, who bought from licensed gun shops.  Problem was, the parents had guns and teenagers in the house.  Which in and of itself isn’t a mass murder waiting to happen.  Except that those two kids were off, to say the least…I mean, they didn’t wake up that morning and one called the other and said, “Hey, y’know what’d be fun, let’s get the guns from our houses and go shoot up the school”, they were planning that thing for some time, and the parents either didn’t notice or didn’t give a shit what their kids were up to.  If they had noticed/given a shit, maybe they would’ve seen something wasn’t right.

And Sandy Hook, Jesus H. Christ.  That woman had guns in the house KNOWING that her son was mentally unstable, that one had bad idea written all over it, OK.  I feel bad for everybody who lost their life that day, but it didn’t happen because we’re selling guns like sodas our of vending machines.  No, it happened because a mentally unstable person was able to get access to firearms, because we don’t do enough in this country to protect the mentally ill, protect them from themselves.

I should mention that every once in awhile here in NYC, a homeless person whacks a tourist or a passerby with a brick, and said tourist or passerby ends up with massive injuries.  Also, every so often, somebody pushes somebody else in front of an oncoming subway train, resulting in death or major injury to the person pushed.  I mention that, not because I condone it, but because a firearm isn’t necessary to commit a violent crime.  So those of you who say “take all the guns away”, you’re not so smart, you haven’t solved the problem.

It happened in Oregon, and I feel bad for everybody who lost their lives, and/or who will have an altered quality of life, as the result of having been shot.  I hope someone somewhere finds a solution to it all, I mean…my niece is in preschool, my nephew will be in preschool in a couple years.  I don’t want to think of either of them being involved (on either end) in a school shooting.

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