Yeah so last night,

I did something I haven’t done in years…

I set foot inside a bar.

This is a big deal because I’m sober & bars are where people (at least here in the States) go to drink.  No, I didn’t break my sobriety…my sister wanted to karaoke with some people we met at an outdoor showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show & I wasn’t going to leave her alone with a bunch of people she doesn’t really know.  

So I tagged along to karaoke night at The Three Jolly Pigeons, which I remember from my drinking days as an old man bar.  Sure enough, when we walked in, first thing we saw was a group of older men who appeared to have been affixed on their barstools since the Reagan administration (and they smelled awful).  We headed to the back, where the karaoke machine was set up.  
Back there was wall to wall hipsters…

grown men who had spent considerable effort artfully ripping the knees of their jeans & scuffing their expensive shoes, do as to look authentically downtrodden, & their women beside them in edgy haircuts & clothes they made themselves because they “reject crass consumerism”,

all of them paying for their craft beers with money from their trust funds.  

Being in a bar as a sober woman, I realized some things.  Like, 

-Men who’ve been marinating in whiskey & their own sweat for what seems like ever are not very attractive 

-no one is any good at karaoke 

-at 2 am when the place closes & everyone else is staggering out & saying “I hope I make it home”,  I’m walking confidently in heels, knowing I will get home without any unwanted incident.

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