We don’t have anything like this in the States


Eurovision, I mean.  I know, this clip is from 2007 (and features Apocalyptica, one of my all-time favorite bands), but from the look of it, Eurovision appears to be part ballet, part circus (complete with fire throwers), and part kick ass live music show, all on one stage, simultaneously.  How all of that is choreographed so it comes off smoothly, I will never know (somewhere there’s a stage director guzzling scotch and going, “If anything goes wrong or looks like shit, I’m ruined in this buisness”, I just know there is) but it looks cooler than anything I’ve seen on American TV (and  that includes HBO’s The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, and True Blood).  I’m rambling, I know…Anyway, my point is we here in the States NEED something like Eurovision, something cool and exciting to watch.  Please, we have more TV channels (what with cable, direct TV, and satellite) than we know what to do with, and  there really isn’t anything innovative or exciting on.  So please, whoever is the mastermind behind this Eurovision, what’s say you come over here (don’t worry, you don’t have to set up shop in North Dakota, you can totally stay in New York City or Los Angeles or Seattle if you’re into that) and give us our version of Eurovision.  We need it so desperately.

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