So Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina…

…are both Republican contenders for president of the United  States.  Trump is the front runner (I don’t know how or why) and Fiorina is…well, is someone I don’t know all that much about.  Recently, Trump said of Fiorina, “Look at that face, who would vote for that” and then last night during the Republican candidates’ debate on CNN (which was broadcast on national TV) when Fiorina pointed out that such comments from Trump would surely “sink him with women voters”, Trump, in classic Trump fashion, attempted to deny having made the remark in the first place.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with Carly Fiorina’s face, or anything else about her appearance.  She is, as another WordPress user said yesterday, a mature women…mature as in she sat at the helm of Hewlett Packard (and they don’t give that job to 22 year olds, OK), and yes, as Bill Maher once said of Hillary Clinton, “she’s got her own global warming”.  Like many women political candidates (and women CEO-types) she wears the Chanel or Diane von Furstenberg suits (the female version of the classic “power suit”), the perfectly blow-dried hair and perfectly applied makeup, she carries the status-symbol handbag, it’s de rigueur.

The problem is not that there’s something wrong with Carly Fiorina’s face, it’s that Donald Trump is shocked to even see a mature woman’s face.  Think about it…he marries women much younger than himself (OK, so the first Mrs. Trump, Mrs. Ivana Trump, is in The Donald’s own age group, but I’m betting he divorced her the minute she got her first wrinkle around the eyes) and in case you haven’t noticed, the current Mrs. Trump is…well, is half his age at best.  This is a guy who doesn’t want to see or hear from women once they’re done being arm candy, and so for him, Carly Fiorina and women in her age group (which, ironically, happens to be Trump’s own age group) don’t exist.  He looks through a whole chunk of society because he’s not attracted to them anymore, he’s a real prince among men.  And, Carly Fiorina was correct, his comment about her face, and the ugly thoughts behind it, will sink him with women voters.

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