OK, so

I don’t enjoy American rap/hip-hop music, what with it’s insistence on using words like bitch, ho, its longstanding love of phrases like, I got my gat, and ohhhhhhhh so goddamn many shitty songs about the female backside.  But there’s this guy, Skif (Skilf being short for Skillful Greg), he’s based in the UK, and he does beatjacks (where he steals, or “samples” the beat from another artist and raps over it) and I LOVE what he does


Do I like the fact that he’s in the UK and has a better vocabulary than American rap/hip-hop artists?  Do I like his timing and delivery?  Or is it just the fact that he doesn’t say “bitch” or “ho”?  All of the above.  The music from abroad is just better, somehow.

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