Well these aren’t written in stone or anything, they’re just a few of the truths I’ve decided to tell.

-If you think that every submissive MUST bow to you because you’re a self-proclaimed Dom, then you are a bully, an abuser pretending to be a Dom.  

-If you think having “pregnancies under” your belt is something to be proud of (as opposed to raising the children you father) then you’re not a man.

-If a man is an ATM machine to you then you need to stop calling yourself a “sugar baby” and admit that you’re a prostitute.

-If you think shoes with Lucite heels are “classy, ladylike attire” and wear them the first time you meet your fiance’s parents, then you have a warped idea of “classy, ladylike”.

-If you think a Dominant man must wear a suit, then you spent too much time reading “Fifty Shades of Grey” & not enough time actually living the lifestyle.

-If you post every meal you eat on instagram, then you’re an asshole.

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