Dinner in the ITALIAN-AMERICAN household 

So at dinner with my parents tonight I asked my father if he still supports The Donald as a presidential candidate after The Donald announced that FOX News’ Megyn Kelly was 

On the rag

when she asked him tough questions about women in the Republican candidates’ debate.  And my father, a man who raised three daughters, said that 

She (she being Megyn Kelly) hurt Trump (Trump being the presidential candidate who admitted on national television to having called Rosie O’Donnell a fat pig) and Trump was just getting back at Kelly for hurting him.

My mother had no opinion (at least not one she vocalized).  My sister asked me whether or not I consider myself a feminist & insisted she doesn’t consider herself one.

The issue is not whether I’m a feminist or not.  The issue is that Trump said such a thing in such a public way.  Where I’m from (Brooklyn, NY) a gentleman doesn’t say such a thing to or about a lady.  And I’d like for the next president of my country to be a gentleman (unless she happens to be a lady).  

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