30 Days of Kink 

Day 12: Tell about a humorous BDSM/kink experience you have had.

Well it was mortifying at the time, but I laugh now.  I was with James (whose name has not been changed to protect him because he wasn’t innocent).  I was 23, he was 39.  There we were on his futon, his face in my pretty cunt.  All I know is I felt really good and then there was 

Wetness everywhere 

As though old faithful was in my pussy & erupted.  James was mad.  “You got it in my face!” He bitched, as he pulled away.  He had a disgusted look on his face, so I thought I’d done something wrong.  In a small voice I said. “I’m sorry I peed”.  And he said, “No, you squirted, right in my face.”. I was 


I didn’t know females could squirted, let alone that my body was capable of such a thing.  What I never figured out is why James was so crabby that I squirted.  

But like I said, I laugh about it now.

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