30 Days of Kink

Day Two: List your kinks

Well, a kink is something that turns me on, gets me wet, makes me go “oh my dayum” and want to do depraved things.  And I’m constantly discovering new kinks and coming back to rediscover old familiar ones.

I’m a heterosexual  female, so the first and probably most important kink of mine would have to be men.  Yup, I love, love, LOVE to ogle the male form in its glory…a guy’s muscular back, shoulders, arms, hairy chest, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god that’s good.  I like to see men do manly things like fix cars, repair that leaky pipe under the sink (OK maybe I broke the goddamn pipe just to see him take his shirt off and fix it), or move furniture, chop wood.

Other kinks include:

-Being owned/collared

-Calling him Daddy, and him calling me “young lady”

Being spanked, flogged, whipped, caned, paddled (hell, just put down impact play)

-Smoking cigarettes

-Bondage, as in being physically tied or restrained

-Being gagged (because let’s face it, I talk too goddamn much for my own good)

-Verbal domination, when he uses words that make me wet (when he says things like “You’re mine”, or “You’re going to get it when we get home, young lady”) drives me WILD

-Being chased

-Ejaculate,  as in he has to ejaculate INSIDE me

-Gagging on his massive cock


-Marks/bruises on my skin


-Music-singer Gavin Rossdale, who I’ve been in lust with since 1993, has THE VOICE t hat can and will always make me wet down t here.  Finnish singers Lauri Ylonen and Ville Vallo (of the Rasmus and H.I.M., respectively) also have distinctive voices and distinctive looks, and, wetness ensues when listening.  Then there’s the Garbage song When I grow Up that I’ll play when I’m in a surly mood and want the world to know, and the other Garbage song What Girls are Made Of that I play when I’m good and pissed off at men (yeah, men, I lust after ’em, but they piss me off from time to time).  Music isn’t just a kink, it’s the soundtrack of my life.

-Reading-seriously, I read everything from the morning paper to absurdist plays nobody else can understand.  I was an English major in college.  Of course I read the “BDSM books”, the 50 Shades and The Story of O and Lolita.  But my panties are drenched (well, if I wore panties they would be) when I read Stephen King…Action and suspense turns me on in a huge way.

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