So you think you want a Lolita 

So guys, you’ve met a female.  She’s a submissive & you find out she’s a Lolita.  You really like the idea of her prancing around in heart-shaped sunglasses, wearing cherry-red lipstick & making love to a lollipop.  You want her to sit on your lap (and your face), you can’t wait to dress her up in Little outfits.  She’s your little angel, and she does all the depraved things you like to do.  

But nobody can be an angel ALL THE TIME, no matter how you want her to be.  Face facts, man, your little angel has a demon (or a few demons) within.  You’ll know when her demons are out…when she says “No!”, when the cherry lipstick you like on her is replaced by dark vampire makeup, when she plays the Alanis Morissette record over & over (you know the one), when she won’t answer you or look at you…when she cuts herself or drinks or uses (even though she knows you don’t like it) and you know even as she does it that she’s going to hate herself after.  

Yeah, she’s goddamn difficult, a pain in your ass when her demons are winning & you prefer her to be your little angel.  If you have no testicular fortitude, you’re her Daddy when she’s your angel and you’re gone when her demons appear.  And sooner or later she’ll figure it out.  She’s little, not stupid.  So do her a favor & do yourself a favor.

If you can’t or won’t be Daddy when she’s a perfect angel and also when her demons are winning, leave…be gone so a real man can be who & what she needs.  

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