Donald Trump is a cartoon character

OK, so Donald Trump, the guy who does The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice on TV, is running for President as a Republican.  And he’s a goddamn cartoon character.  Because first of all, his HAIRPIECE, I mean, I’d say that was a dead cat plopped atop his head, but that would be an insult to deceased felines the world over.  It’s an abomination of a toupee.  Then there’s the Mrs. Trumps…first there was Mrs. Ivana trump, an Eastern European lady (for a man who has such a problem with immigrants in this country, he sure had no problem marrying nad breeding with one); next there was Mrs. Marla Trump (nee Maples); and now there’s Mrs. Melania Trump (another Eastern European lady).  Now, the three Mrs. Trumps may all be lovely women in and of themselves, but Mr. Donald Trump has a pattern of marrying women who are either models or beauty queens, two of the three who have been Eastern European.  He’s not marrying women who are his equals in the boardroom, now is he?  I’ll let you make of that what you will.

As a candidate for President of the United States of America, The Donald has screeched for sitting president Barack Obama to produce his birth certificate.  Why?????  Because Trump insists that Obama was not born in the US.  Trump has also called into question, and recently, whether or not John McCain (a Republican senator representing the state of Arizona, and a former candidate for president in his own right) is a war hero (McCain fought in, and was captured by the enemy during  the Vietnam War, spending time in a Vietcong Prison).  The Donald also has a problem with all the Mexican immigrants in this country, there are too many of them, they’re taking jobs away from Americans.  This, particularly, is laughable, because Trump’s Atlantic City hotels and casinos are staffed by (you guessed it) Mexicans.  That’s right, in buildings on which Trump has his name, Mexican immigrants, the very people he has such a big problem with, are earning paychecks signed by himself.  I’m not saying the Mexican chambermaid and bellman deserve to lose their jobs, I’m saying the Donald should choose one face and speak only out of it, rather than have two faces and alternately speak out of both.

And this guy wants to be MY president?!!!!!!!!!!!

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