So this morning…

I went to 210 Joraleman Street to apply to take a test for a city job.  I get there & they tell me “you have to go to the second floor”.  I go, I see rooms where you can apply for marriage licenses, or to be certified as a translator.  I stick my head in & inquire where I might go, and they tell me “up to the 4th floor”.  I go up & sure enough, it’s the application & testing room.  Only no one is in.  I go back to the 2nd floor, and I’m told, “they must’ve stepped out”.  I go back up to the 4th floor and wait a while.  Nobody shows up.  I go to the first floor & locate a security guard.  He says the application & testing office is “closed because of air conditioning issues”, and apparently no one else in the building knew this or could have told me.  I leave, VERY FRUSTRATED, and buy a pack of Parliament 100s (the brand & length of cigarettes I smoke when I smoke)  

I had my first cigarette when I was 15, and over the years I’ve smoked a lot & quit a lot.  In the nearly 3 years I’ve been sober, I’ve gone to great lengths to hide my cigarette habit from my twelve step friends…they’re all so into “clean living” and here I am with this vice (smoking) that’s also a fetish (yes, it’s a fetish for some of us).  So yeah, I’m smoking again, I guess.  

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