I swear to Christ, the men have no idea how difficult it really is

So I’ve been getting my nails done (pedicure and regular manicure) since I was a teenager.  I live in Brooklyn, NY, where there’s a nail salon on every corner (seriously, there’s one nail salon that’s upstairs from another nail salon, two different owners, you figure that shit out).  You’d think with all the nail salons around, it’d be easy to get a mani/pedi.

But no, nothing is easy, and this isn’t either.  The most important thing is you want to go someplace CLEAN, so you don’t get an infection.  So you look at the reviews of different nail salons on yelp.com.  This nail salon is clean, but they charge an exorbitant rate…that one is more within your price range, but people on yelp say they’re not so clean, and/or they don’t do a good job.  This one has a $18 mani/pedi special on Tuesday/Wednesday, is rated clean, but you can’t get an appointment unless you KNOW someone (who, exactly must you know, in order to get your nails painted, the pope).  The woman who has done your nails for 3 years is on vacation in China (her home country) for three months & your toenails are starting to look like overgrown talons (and goddamn it, it’s June, sandal season).  So you bite the bullet, you make an appointment someplace the people of yelp.com say is clean, where the prices aren’t too ridiculous, and you hope for the best.

Meanwhile, the men just have to shave their faces, comb their hair, and they’re good to go.  And they wonder why we’re so crabby so much of the time.  

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