It’s a weird day for my dysfunctional family

I have been struggling with a roller coaster of emotions the past week or so. I am working on letting go of the negative and focusing on all the positive that has been happening. The best thing that happened was spending mother’s day with all of my girls. My sister also joined us which is […]
My Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day.  Do I give my own mother a card, take her to brunch, & just pretend she never physically and verbally abused me, my sisters, my father?  Can I wish my middle sister (who has two children) happy mother’s day without feeling a little jealous that she has children & I will never have my own babies?  Do I go along with everyone else as they pretend mother’s day doesn’t also apply to my youngest sister, whose only child was stillborn eight years ago?  

9 thoughts on “It’s a weird day for my dysfunctional family

  1. I haven’t spoken to my mother in six years and I don’t give her a card or pretend that nothing happened… this post was about me and my girsl and how I finally had a good mother’s day…


      1. Ok, I am sorry that you have a strained relationship with them, but I don’t understand why you linked my post to this… it is fine, but I just don’t get it.

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      2. I know how hard that is. I made the decision to let my mother go because I just could not handle the stress and anxiety that I would get when I knew I had to see her. She also was letting my exhusband live with her and I couldn’t handle that either. So I made the decision to live my life without her. I don’t know what your circumstances are and if you have ever considered just trying to break all ties with her and work on letting go of that pain and suffering that you had to endure.


  2. Cara:

    i have a mother whom, for many years used me as a bank and dump deposit, having throughout my childhood tell me she never even liked me. Finally, the last time she ranted and told me to get out of her life? i listened.

    i will admit each Mother’s Day i feel a pang of guilt when i do not contact her.


    1. My mother regrets having children. She doesn’t regret physically abusing us, she doesn’t regret leaving us alone with my grandfather (her father) when she knew he had sexually abused her as a child & was likely to abuse us (and he raped me for an entire summer). I may be crazy, but I’m trying to forgive her.


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