Then I guess my morals are fluid

via Flickr – Jared EnosU.S., Canadian, and German scientists conducting a twenty question study on quite a few moral questions posited this one to their subjects: If you had a time machine would you go back and kill Hitler? Men, far more than women, answered in the affirmative while the women in the study sample…

If You Could Use A Time Machine To Kill Hitler, Would You?

Well I’m a woman who would kill Hitler, if given a time machine.  Everything I know about the Holocaust says Hitler is a bad guy, and killing him to stop it from playing out that way is the right thing to do.  Yeah, American law says “entitled to a trial” & “innocent until proven guilty” but Hitler was German, not subject to American law, & anyway a trial would have been ridiculous.  Picture the lawyer cross-examining him, “Now Mr. Hitler, it’s been said that you killed six million Jews.”. And Hitler answering, “I killed also the gypsies & the homosexuals”. I mean, did anyone really need to hear that testimony?  

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