Flickr / Maegan TintariWe have all been there. Yes, ladies, I am talking to you. Our fancy new Michael Kors bag is just itching to make its debut into the public any chance it gets. But then you realize that it’s not the bag that is itching, it’s you. And it’s you who wants the…

Why You Shouldn’t Be A Material Girl (In A Material World)

Really?!  You lost your cash, cards, & keys because you put your wristlet down in what may have been a tipsy stupor & left it unattended and so you declare that nobody else deserves to have nice things.  Who died and left you in charge?  It’s nobody’s fault but your own if you don’t know the rule about not wearing any of your expensive stuff on a night you go out drinking (because when you drink you could forget where you leave your purse, pass out somewhere & wake up stripped of your jewelry, or who knows what).  

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