White girl?

Why I’m Sick Of Being Called A White Girl

Flickr / Quinn DombrowskiWhen talking about sex and gender today in my Sociology 201 class today, my professor asked the question, “What does it mean to be a ‘girly girl’?” • cheetah print • not sporty • afraid to break a nail • prissy But a male student responded with, “Wait, I’ve got this. She’s…


My birth certificate lists my race as white, but the truth is my grandparents came from a place where there’s a lot of mixed blood (southern Italy, invaded by the vikings, the moors, the ottomans & I don’t know who else).  I live in Bay Ridge, brooklyn, NY’s last all-white stronghold.  Which makes me “a white woman from Bay Ridge”.  People expect me to wear chanel sunglasses & tote a Starbucks cup everywhere.  Truth is, Coacb sunglasses fit my face better & Starbucks makes shifty espresso (I make better espresso in a pot on my stove).  What people say & think about me & what I know to be true about myself are vastly different things.

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