Yeah, about my hair

1. You are always THIS CLOSE to getting it to look right. But there is always a small but crucial area of your hair that won’t comply and messes the whole thing up. 2. You might not care about getting your hair right if it didn’t have so much potential. The three times in your…

11 Mildly Infuriating Struggles Only People Who Can Never Get Their Hair Right Understand

Thing is, my maternal grandmother was in charge of my hair until I was nearly ten years old. And when I say she was in charge, I mean damn it, she was IN CHARGE.  My hair never got cut because she said it was bad luck to cut a firm’s hair before the girl started her period (totally TMI, but no one argued with her) and what’s more, she did my hair every day.  Whether I had tight braids down my back for school or ringers for a special occasion, it was because she spent the time to make me look nice.  And then one night I went to bed and she didn’t wake up the next morning.  I missed her, but more than that, I was screwed because I had no fucking idea what to do about my hair (which, left to its own devices, is pin straight, fine, and rather bereft of volume).  And I am now thirty-seven years old, wearing my hair in a goddamn ponytail day in and day out because that’s all I figured out how to do, but hating my hair, or rather HATING MYSELF FOR NOT BEING ABLE TO DO MORE WITH MY HAIR.  

One thought on “Yeah, about my hair

  1. Your hair looks pretty in your pictures. I am not blessed with thick flowing hair either. We make the best of it (and have other talents, right?) find a hair person you love, who becomes your friend, who you trust and learn to make the best of it.


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