Not just in horror movies

Let’s jump back in time to 1980. I’ll shout us all tickets to see the original Friday the 13th, a horror film that would spawn endless sequels, a tonne of copycats and get the ball rolling on the slasher film sub genre. The premise of said nasty thriller? Attractive teens get picked off one by one […]

Sex and Death: Looking at the link between Horror movies, arousal and our attraction to fear

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This link between sex and death also happens in REAL LIFE.  Some people go so far as to say “everyone has sex at a funeral”, but even if you don’t fornication right at the graveside you must admit that the death of a loved one makes you consider your own mortality.  And when we think about the fact that we won’t always be around, we start thinking about what we’d like to do before we die.  

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