Oh hell no

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21 Photos That Prove Kids Are Seriously The Worst


So yesterday I went to get my nails done, as I do every other Tuesday.  A woman & her five year old daughter came in with the woman’s boyfriend because the boyfriend needed a manicure.  The kid was wearing a private school uniform and proceeded to bitch that Phil (the mother’s boyfriend) was getting a manicure but she wasn’t…the kid knocked over the garbage pail & rolled on the floor in the garbage.  The mother was too busy telling the manicurist how to do phil’s nails correctly so as not to anger him…Phil was yapping on a cell phone.  I think I was the only one who noticed when the kid took off her shoes and tights in the nail place.  Finally, phil’s nails were done (he’s a bigger diva than I am) and they were ready to leave.  That’s when they noticed the kid, and of course they were angry that she’d removed her shoes & tights.  As they left, all I could think was thank god I don’t have kids & I can get my nails done in peace and quiet.

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