Good monochrome & not so good monochrome

It’s all been about (shades of) winter unicolor in freezing New York this week, as showgoers push their limits to look good under extreme weather conditions. Cream and white, camel and brown, pastel pink and grey, burgundy and coral or simply shades of grey, blue, black or green confiscated the streets and even though I…
Winterized Unicolor

So, monochrome, or as this article calls it, UNICOLOR, can be a good thing or not so much of a good thing. Wear all black and it’s slimming, it’s sleek, it’s modern, it’s minimalist, it’s stark (if you do it when everyone else is wearing pastel or floral). It makes for a striking look. Wear all red, like maybe a red power suit tailored to perfection with heels to match, and it’s another example of good monochrome. You stand out in a boardroom of boring tweedy suits. Everyone notices you when you arrive at the restaurant for lunch.

But head-to-toe camel-hair color? That’s not as much of a power or statement color. Dress in monochrome camel-hair color & you look like maybe you want to fade into the background.

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