Oh yes, the art of coffeeing

For a long time I didn’t think drinking coffee required any visual aid, coffee is by all means heavenly just as it is. You just prepare it (or order it) smell it and enjoy it. Actually it was the smell I liked the most before I could stand the strong taste and still, even today,…
The Art of Coffeeing


Being italian-american, I drink espresso, not regular coffee, never cappuccino, never anything frappe or au lait. Espresso, in a demitasse cup, no milk, no sugar. Truth be told, I never had an interest in coffee until I was sixteen and took my first trip to Italy. Espresso was served in the hotel dining room every morning & after dinner every afternoon. Of course the first morning I drank it & said, “fuck, this is poison!” But after a few days, I not only became accustomed to the taste, I grew to like it. I remember coming home from that trip (which had been a school trip) and telling my parents I needed them to get me an espresso maker. I was hooked, what can I say. In the years since then (I’m 37 now) I’ve bought a demitasse set (the cups, with matching saucers), I’ve brewed espresso in a pot on the stove (the pot having been my grandfather’s), I’ve been through two or three top of the line espresso makers. For beans, I use Cafe Bustelo, an Arabica blend, tastes better than Everything else I’ve tried.

Funny hung is, having my own espresso maker & demitasse set has ruined me for all other espresso. Made me a coffee snob, as it were. I go to Starbucks, for example, while out with friends, and get a doppio (a double espresso) in a paper cup and…and the espresso isn’t strong enough, isn’t flavorful enough, or, worse yet, TASTES LIKE PAPER CUP. And I find I can’t lounge & socialize over espresso in a paper cup. Now, espresso in a demitasse, with a saucer, I can lounge over that properly.

So when you say the art of coffeeing, I say YES, I WISH MORE PEOPLE WOULD SEE IT FOR THE ART IT IS.

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