Not the only movie on this earth

So the Fifty Shades of Gray movie is coming to theaters, whether I wanna see it or not, and while it’s the kinky movie everybody’s talking about right now, it’s not the only kinky movie to have ever been made.  Today being throwbackthursday, I thought I’d remind everybody of some other kinky movies that have been around for awhile.

  • The Secretary, we probably all know about this one, with Maggie Gyllenhaal in the titular role and James Spader as her boss
  • The Story of O, based on the French-language novel by the same title.  Some refer to the novel as a sort of BDSM bible, others say it’s “housewifey”, but it’s still a good movie
  • Belle du Jour, another French-language film, about a housewife who, every morning after hubby goes off to the office, goes to work at a brothel
  • Little Red Riding Hood, and no I don’t mean the children’s cartoon.  I’m talking a short film with Christina Ricci in the titular role & the wolf played by a very well-endowed French male dancer.

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